HOSPITALITY SOLAR PV: Hilton Fiji Resort & Spa, Denarau Island, Fiji.

Hilton has a strong global commitment to sustainability. It is therefore not surprising Hilton Fiji Resort & Spa, Denarau Island partnered with Vision Energy Solutions (VES) to construct a solar PV system. The solar project powers the general operational areas of the back of house (BoH) building, including food preparation, security, engineering, maintenance, housekeeping, and general administration offices. Any excess power generated is used in the other common areas of the resort.

This specific solar system leverages an intelligent power inverter system that maximizes energy production yield. Increased energy production on a similar initial capital investment means the return on investment (ROI) will be higher over the system’s 25-year lifespan.

  • System Type: Commercial Rooftop Solar PV Grid Connected
  • Capacity: 158 kWp
  • Production Estimate: 232,400 kWh/year
  • Inverters: SolarEdge 27.6kW x 5 nos.
  • Panels: Jinko 330W Polycrystalline solar panels x 480 nos.

“Hilton continues to explore new ways to reduce carbon emissions and improve energy efficiency across our business.” Hilton Worldwide website confirms its commitment to sustainability”

MANUFACTURING SOLAR PV: Jack’s Garments Factory

Founded in 1969, Jack’s of Fiji is a well-known souvenir, clothing and accessories retailer with 49 stores. They are investing in a greener way of manufacturing and distributing their 140 branded products with less carbon emissions. A high-tech rooftop solar PV system is now proudly displayed atop Jack’s garment factory in Namaka, Nadi.

  • System Type: Commercial Rooftop Solar PV Grid Connected
  • Capacity: 105 kWp
  • Production Estimate: 153,720 kWh/year
  • Inverters: 3 nos. x SolarEdge 27.6kW  + 1 no. x SolarEdge 17.0kW
  • Panels: Jinko 330W polycrystalline solar panels x 319 nos.

“As a corporate leader in Fiji, it is our responsibility to demonstrate our commitment to the environment. Generating solar electricity to power our operations significantly reduces our company’s daily carbon emissions. We are excited to complete our second solar installation, which is twice as big as our first!” Mr. Ronald Nair, Group Commercial Manager, Jack’s Group of Companies.


One of Jack’s Group of Companies largest distribution centers in now powered by Fiji’s most abundant resource, the sun! With a 25-year expected lifespan, the system will have an incredibly positive impact and is expected to pay for itself in about 5 years. That means the company will not only protect itself against the inflationary rise in electricity rates, but they will also enjoy free clean electricity after the short payback period.

What makes this large commercial project leading edge is the fact that it utilizes the first-ever intelligent inverter system installed in Fiji. The solar PV system is powered by world-class modern inverters and power optimizers to maximize energy production and reduce overall lifetime costs.

  • System Type: Commercial Rooftop Solar PV Grid Connected
  • Capacity: 59 kWp
  • Production Estimate: 86,376 kWh/year
  • Inverters: 1 no. x SolarEdge 27.6kW + 1 no. x SolarEdge 17.0kW
  • Panels: Jinko 330W polycrystalline solar panels x 180 nos.

“Installing solar seemed like the right thing to do for our employees, customers, and nation, not to mention the planet! Consumers have a lot of choices and being a socially and environmentally responsible company is one of Jack’s competitive differentiators. Tourists and locals will hopefully notice and appreciate our efforts to invest in clean energy production.” Mr. Ronald Nair, Group Commercial Manager, Jack’s Group of Companies

smart solar PV (photovoltaic) project system atop Jack’s of Fiji’s distribution center in Legalega, Nadi, Fiji


Many small islands do not have a utility power infrastructure. Residents must independently generate their own electricity for lighting and all other basic needs. Usually, this is done through the use of kerosene lamps or diesel fuel generators, which are big polluters.

Finally, an affordable, safe, reliable, and small-scale energy solution is available to transform small-island power generation. Off-grid, independent power-producing scroll wind turbines combine several benefits that make it the ideal technology to power private residences and small businesses.