Off-Grid Home Solar Power Solutions - Everything you need to reliably power your home independently!


Households without access to the utility grid need to self-generate electricity in a safe, affordable and reliable way. Ensuring there is a stable and adequate power supply requires an off-grid power generation system with energy storage capacity enough to power all household electronics 24/7. Renewable energy expertise is needed to appropriately size and design a system for each home’s specific needs.

The VES team is eager to put our expertise to work on your project. Our solar powered system packages provide the highest quality components: Jinko solar panels, Victron charge controllers, Victron inverters, Nextgen batteries and Yanglin Tech solar panel mounting hardware.

We’ve pre-designed four standard equipment and installation packages applicable for most situations. Periodically, unique circumstances arise that require custom design. We will evaluate and recommend the best solution for your specific project, free. Call us at +679 998 8912 to discuss your options.

Terms & Conditions:

  1. A standard solar system package may not be appropriate for all properties. A project load assessment always needs to be completed to assess optimal system size. The load assessment to determine system sizing, custom system design and custom proposals are provided at no cost by Vision Energy Solutions.
  2. System costs provided do not include logistics or freight charges.
  3. System warranties are null and void if the installation is not completed by Vision Energy Solutions.
  4. Prices and equipment specifications are subject to change without notice.
  5. Prices are ex-Suva and inclusive of 9% VAT.
  6. Additional duty charges will be included if there are policy changes.
  7. Off-grid solar packages are standalone systems. Generators and their inverter/chargers can be added at additional cost.
  8. System package specifications are based on the worst month’s irradiation of 3.66kWh/m2/day with battery autonomy of 2.0 days at 80% depth of discharge (DOD).