Scroll Wind Turbines: Affordable, Small-Scale Energy Solution for Islands

Small Island Developing States (SIDS) globally are integrating renewable energy sources such as wind and solar into their power generation strategic plans. Islands are more susceptible to the horrendous impacts of climate change than larger mainland nations and thus are highly motivated to move to carbon-emission-free energy sources as soon as possible. Investing in wind […]

Increase Profits by Lowering Energy Costs – Implement a Corporate Energy Management Plan (CEMP) in your organization

Businesses worldwide, in every industry, are being forced to reduce monthly operating costs to maximize profit margins. The cost and reliability of energy (electricity primarily) has become a significant burden to many organizations. Finding innovative approaches to reduce energy consumption, safeguard access to energy sources, or produce energy in a more cost-effective manner are now […]

Tourism is Hospitable to Solar

The hotel sector globally is becoming more committed to low-carbon emission tourism. Nowadays, to remain competitive the hospitality industry needs to consider more than simply accommodating guests comfortably and operating efficiently. Promoting green practices has become a responsible and relevant marketing tool for hotels, restaurants and tourist attractions to entice travelers to choose their location […]

Smart Partnership Brings Smart Solar to Fiji

Two of the largest and established companies in Fiji, Vision Investments Limited and Jack’s Group of Companies, have partnered to help achieve Fiji’s 2030 renewable energy goal to combat climate change. Together, they hope to set an example for other large companies throughout the region. Partnering to Meet Fiji’s 2030 Renewable Energy Goal It is […]

The Future of Affordable and Reliable Energy in Fiji

It is not well known that the 300+ island nation of less than a million inhabitants, Fiji, was the first country in the world to ratify the Paris Climate Agreement. Energy in Fiji has been a top priority for some time. The small country has seen sea levels and temperatures rising and an increase in […]

Powering Fiji Resorts Reliably and Sustainably

Hoteliers imagine the impacts of running out of diesel fuel: Your resort is fully booked. Newlyweds, beach enthusiasts and families are arriving at any moment for their long-awaited vacations. It’s time for the scheduled weekly meeting with your purchasing agent to ensure you have everything to keep the guests happy and comfortable. After all, guest […]

Providing Energy to Small Island Developing States (SIDS)

Businesses and residents of Small Island Developing States (SIDS) face challenges accessing reliable and affordable electricity. In some island villages, residents and guests are still living without electricity at all, due to the prohibitive cost and complex infrastructure that prevent reliable fossil fuel delivery. This blog looks at why this is, and what can be […]